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I’m H.F. Calder, author and artist. Welcome to my Version 2 of my website. It’s something of a miscellany.

Look around and you’ll find my professional blog, and also links to my personal blog and my fictional blog and some other blogs that I thought would be a good idea at the time. You’ll also find the Project Files. Those are the posts about the things I’m working on. There’s a couple of Galleries around here too with links to my T-shirt shop and my Ko-fi page where I sell my digital paintings.

This is on some t-shirts

And also on some mugs

Thanks for looking. If you have any idea how to improve this website then feel free to leave some feedback

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Older than you think. Swears a lot. Writer. Owner of the Walking-Stick-of-Doom. Has a personal backstory so tragic it could win Britain's got talent on its own.

One thought on “Start Here”

  1. hmmm… perhaps… a mockup (do not waste money on IRL) of tee-shirt
    1. coffee + vengeance + hugs (in equal parts)
    2. Mitch McConell’s worst nightmare
    3. only ‘red wave’ in 2022 was our collective menstrual flow drowning the GOP


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