This is H.F. Calder

H.F Calder is a queer, disabled Scottish mother of two neuro-divergant teenagers and is married to a non-binary spouse. She has a personal backstory so tragic that it could win Britain’s Got Talent all by itself. She writes really weird novels and once got an article called How Real is Real? published in Fortean Times Magazine.

She is currently the Municipal Liaison for Fife for the non-profit organisation National Novel Writing Month. Every year she spends October persuading aspiring writers that it really is possible to write a first draft in 30 days. She spends November threatening to hit them with her walking stick until they do it. 

In spite of dealing with depression from the age of four, lipoedema from the age of thirteen, and chronic pain from the age of twenty-one H.F. Calder is still the undisputed champion of herself. She continues to fight pain, misery and existential angst armed with the walking stick o’ doom and a vocabulary so salty you could use it to preserve meat.